Thursday, May 28, 2009

I was inspired by all the peonies I have been seeing burst into bloom, and wanted to create a fabric flower for a certain someone, so I created my own little bouquet with directions that I found at They were so fun to make that I can't wait to try more!
I have seen this poster recently and it seems to be a sentiment that we all need to remember.
I was lucky to hear about Quail Gardens when I was down in San Diego last week, so I took a quick tour through and found these charming plant people. There was also a mariachi band made out of plants.
Wouldn't you like to have her serve you next time you're at a restaurant? This is a beautiful botanical garden near Encinitas, and I will surely go back next time I am in Southern California

Thursday, May 21, 2009

garden day

Last week I took a drive south of Portland to check out the peonies at Brooks Gardens to see some of their beautiful peonies. I was surprised to see so few blooming, but we have had a cool spring and most things are later to bloom this year. The unexpected treat was seeing their collection of rare and unusual iris, and the spectacular tree peonies. With the warm weather we have been experiencing lately, though, the peonies have surely burst into bloom, and it is worth a drive to visit these friendly growers. Last year they also directed us to Bauman farm in Gervais, where they have lush plants, great produce and berries and homemade pies and doughnuts. This makes for an enjoyable day in the country, just a short drive from Portland.

my nest

This is my nest, where I work and play and listen to music and birdsong. Please join me on the journey.