Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jane LaFazio journal class in San Diego

When I was in San Diego visiting my son Sam, we spent some time in Escondido viewing this fabulous mosaic creation by . Nikki de St Phalle Unfortunately it was closed on Monday,so we could only peer through the grate. I will definitely be back!

This is at Kit Carson park, and if you didn't know it was here, it would be easy to miss. Keep following the signs to Queen Califia and you will be rewarded when you come upon this magical place.
The real reason for coming up to Escondido area was to take a private journaling class with Jane LaFazio at San Bernardo winery. I had wanted to take a class with her for some time and this turned out to be my opportunity. Jane was gracious enough to meet me at the last minute and we had a great day sketching together.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The top photo is a gaggle of Wish Dolls that I made for the PAC show. They are meant to be a place to pin wishes and dreams to help them come true. Right now I would use them to wich that these blog photos would publish correctly!
These are journals from my student's work in a previous class and I think they are beautiful! You, too can  create beautiful journals like this in my upcoming class on Sunday January 10th at the new Tabor Art space at 55th and Bemont. We will be doing both journal making and journal keeping classes. Come join the fun and get a jumpstart on creativity for the new year!

Here is the scarf detail. I loved the way the roses came out.  This is what I did with the tassels left over from the PAC show. I put them all together and added a fairy body, and  voila! a fairy tassel doll.

Goodness, how can it be that it has been a month since I last posted to this blog? How the time flies at this time of year! I miss communicating this way, and will make a pledge to get better at being timely in the new year. I just have to make it a habit.

I have not been idle since my last post. Far from it! I had fun selling my creations at the Portland Art Collective show in December, along with my many art friends. I hope some of you were able to make it to the show.  Since then I have been thinking green--the color, not the lifestyle. I had such fun making this scarf in a class with Loyce Ericson. It is nuno felting, something I have wanted to learn. Loyce is a great teacher, and I hope to do another class with her soon. Every time I have worn this I have received compliments.