Thursday, August 6, 2009

These dolls are more of the work by artist Maissa Toulet, who I met at the Brocante on Sunday. The next week I went back, hoping to purchase some of her art, but she was not there and wrote later that her kids had wanted to to something more fun than sit with her as she sold art! I can't blame them, but I was sorry to have missed seeing her again.
This gives you some idea of the amazing array of buttons, ribbons, trims, etc that were for sale at Ultramod, another of my favorite stores in Paris. I did not buy buttons, but couldn't resist some ribbons, and it was hard to know when to stop! This is a very old store and worth the trip to find it. Nearby is a small drogerie that sells great cards and shopping bags.
Another "taken through the window" photo, so excuse the quality. I loved the variety of jeweled pins on this pillow and could have bought them all, just because I love sparkly things. I was in heaven in my neighborhood, as there were many, many jewelry stores nearby, but sorry, they mostly only sold in wholesale. Next time I want to come on a buying trip. Too bad I don't have a store...
This nieghborhood looks out of place in modern Paris, but it was spared from the wrecking ball some time ago, and remains a part of the past, moving into the present. It is by Place St. Marthe, and now lots of small ethnic restaurants are opening and the Bohos have surely discovered it, or will soon. I would definitely come back and spend more time here. I only heard about it the day before I left, from a charming English woman named Kathy, who I met over dinner at Chez Omar. If you like couscous, this is the place to go.

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  1. You don't have to get back to art to fast I'm enjoying the trip.