Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a little journal art

One of my reasons for visiting France was to see my niece and great (really great) nephew in their country home in Feins, Le Maffey. Pia has done a wonderful job of restoring an old stone barn to become a beautiful and cozy home. I was so captivated with the views from her windows that I set out to paint each scene during my visit. However, the weather got hot, there were cherries to pick, and parties to attend and that plan fell by the wayside...I did paint a few scenes, and I'm glad I did, because during my short visit, the trees on the right, tall poplars, were felled one day! Sad, but I painted the scene before and after.
One day when we were house hunting for Pia's friends, I painted this front door, which was a common scene in Brittany. Gabriel, 7 , said "You draw well". That made me feel good, and I was so impressed by his perfect english!
I sketched this statue by the Tracadero, then a bird landed on her head! The birds always find the best places to perch. Later at one garden I saw little wires protruding from the heads of other statues, presumably to keep the birds at bay.
Here is a scene that I wish I had captured in my sketch book! As I said, the birds always find the best places to perch. This jolly fellow does't seem to mind one bit that he is entertaining pidgeons, though. This was by the gardens of Palais Royale, strangely a part of Paris that I had never explored. Further on are the gardens of Les Halles, which are also very beautiful.


  1. Thanks for more sketches and photos from France. Reading about your trip and Julia Child's My Life in France, both make me want to return for another French adventure.

  2. I will post more photos as I am not done thinking about that experience. Yes, you will return to France one of these days.