Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mexico journal pages

Lest you think I have forgotten my art or neglected it in favor of shooting photos all the time, I wanted to show the two journals that I brought along to Mexico. Miraculously, I filled both of them during the trip with sketches and collage. After the trip, Paula, Robin and I had nearly identical journal pages at times! This first journal cover was a piece of fabric that I wanted to use but the image was too large for my book. I copied it smaller then added a covering of clear contact paper to protect it.

This was my scrappy journal cover, and I enjoyed it, though did not like the wrap around tie for travel.
This was the first page of my scrappy journal, a corazon that I had stenciled at home. I used several of these prepared pages in this journal.
We spent a morning at Atotonilco waiting to see the famous frescos inside the church. We had plenty of time to sketch and watch the families as they gathered for a baptism. I started to sketch this mariachi player but soon he left, presumably to play in the mariachi mass, which we could not attend.
We spent another relaxing morning at the botanical garden just above town. The Dali Lama proclaimed that this was a peace zone, and had special significance for peace in the not too distant future. We certainly found it to be peaceful and full of butterflies and birds.
I picked up a few odds and ends while in Mexico in preparation for creating this little alter for the Dia de los Muertos show at Guardino Gallery. The show opens tonight, Oct 28th and I will be setting up an outside alter, too. In spite of the rain...If you're in Portland, come by and see the show!


  1. Your journal is stunning! What a fun trip and a lovely way to record everything you did.

  2. Your journal and shrine are fabulous, Cynthia. Wish I could have attended the opening.

  3. Thanks for the nice comments. I hope you have a chance to come by to see the show, Jan. It is a good one.