Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A little Australian street art

I was pretty excited when I saw this road sign and I made Jim pull off at the exit. It is not everyday that you see your last name on a road sign--twice! Unfortunately Mooney Mooney was little more than a wide spot in the road, not some charming little village.
In no particular order, I have a few of my favorite bits of street art found mostly in one alley on Hosier street in Melbourne. This city is a great promoter of the arts in public places and we saw many examples of great public art. I especially liked that there are "laneways" where graffiti is allowed, and even encouraged. If we had more time I would have found the map of the laneways available through the visitor information bureau. These places are treasure troves of information, including all kinds of maps and brochures.Very helpful.
This Ganesh was one of my favorites along the alley. Notice the mouse in the left hand corner.
This artist was having a show of his art somewhere in the city, so often the art is done by well known artists, and they have to request a space on the wall as it becomes available.
How did these get in there?? Not street art , and not from Australia. Oh well...Pretty colors.
These vans were camper vans, available to rent. I think it is cool that this company, Wicked Vans, had all of their vans decorated by different artists. These are the vans that I would want to rent to camp in AU! Imagine the hard time you would have choosing which van to rent...
This is the rear end of the same van. Three young men trooped out of it to watch the wind surfers on the beach below.
This is probably my favorite mural, seen on a wall in a small town outside of Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road. Did I already say how much we loved that drive?


  1. hmmm, koalas or street art?--not sure which I like better!

  2. I see a quilt in one of those murals! Love all the street art. Looks and sounds like you're having an amazing adventure down under, thanks for sharing. <3 Suzanne

  3. Mooney Mooney Bridge is famous....if you Google that you'll find heaps of matches.

  4. Like Walla Walla they liked it so much they named it twice. Great post I love the street art.

  5. Street art is one of my favorite things to photograph! I remember taking so many photos when we were in Italy a couple of years ago. Looks like a lovely trip -- and those little colored cookies look like an art exhibit!

  6. My surnames Mooney, and Mooney Mooney's a little town just after the bridge