Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When we went house hunting in nearby towns, we saw this beautiful, classic French house for sale. The garden had great potential, but it was a bit out of our price range. But this is the house I would buy in France.
Here is the chapel, awaiting new windows, which will one day be installed. Perhaps Uncle Jim will dust off his stained glass making skills, and attempt this project. Something more modern, perhaps? But we would like to retain the sacred heart design that is there, of course.
These are some views from the many beautiful windows at Le Maffey. The poplars were there for the week I was visiting, however today they were cut down to be sold. It made us all sad, but we know that more trees will grow, and now the view is just different. This home, which was once a barn, now has lots of light from various windows, skylights and large glass doors. They were great for observing the torrential rain that came again, and watered the garden for us.

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  1. You lucky girl I'm loving your entries thanks for the little trips, Have Fun