Friday, June 26, 2009

Yes, it is true, I am off to France! I had imagined that I would write about my upcoming trip to France before I left, but with all that packing and planning, I never managed to let everyone know where I would be for the next 5(!) weeks. I am visiting my niece and great(really great) nephew in Feins, France for a week, and lest you imagine me strolling the streets of Paris, you should imagine a much more rural existence for this week in the country.
This is my sweet niece Pia and son Gabriel, all dressed in pink. They love their new country life, and have many good friends here who I have met. See next photo.
As I mentioned, this is the coutry life, and one of the goals on my "life list" has been to learn to milk a cow. Dear Pia remembered this, and arranged for me to go to a nearby dairy farm last night to do this. Wow, what an experience it turned out to be! We rode our bikes there, and got caught in a big thunderstorm, complete with lightening and hail. It poured for 45 minutes and finally the kind farmer,Jean-Yves, drove us home.
Today I went with Pia to Rennes and while she worked, I strolled through Jardin Thabor to see the roses, and I came upon this beauty. What is she thinking about, I wonder? The gardens are magnificent at this time of year, as they usually are. I also saw a wonderful exhibit of handmade books in the Orangerie. It was inspiring and I especially liked the work by Milena Moriani.


  1. I'm so glad you started a blog so we can follow along with your travels!

  2. Bonjour Cynthia, Merci for sharing your adventures with us. Wow- milking a cow and a photo to document it! Your photos and stories bring back many memories of my trip to Brittany last June. The French countryside is so beautiful. Enjoy and bon apétit.