Monday, January 18, 2010


Dorothy, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Yes, it's true, after nearly 24 hours of travel, we have arrived in Vietnam. Did I forget to mention that I was leaving on a trip again? No, most of you knew of this trip was imminent, but even last July while I was in Paris, I did not know that I would travel again to a French inspired country again so soon. Even though this trip has been lingering in the back of our minds for several years. It is always exciting to travel to a country new to us and Vietnam is strange and exotic enough to intrigue us.
This was one of my favorite street views so far. We happened upon the street where all manner of paper goods are sold for decoration and burning ,and I was in heaven.
This is the tiniest temple I have seen here, which we found at the end of a dead end street. It was really like someone's house and we dared not enter in case it was! All the temples are painted a warm golden yellow, as was the complex of buildings where Ho Chi Minh lived. We visited his tomb our first day here and it was quite amazing to see him laying in state, as if sleeping. No talking, no cameras, arms at your side in respect, no holding hands.
I have enjoyed seeing the baskets full of interesting fruits and vegetables, some of which I know, some of which I have yet to try. It is my goal to try as many new fruits as I can while on this trip. I will begin with dragon fruit, the beautiful pink and green ones pictured here. First I must sketch it though.
Another typical selection of fruits and veggies that you see on the street. Everything looks fresh and good and makes you want to taste it all. So far we have been pleasantly surprised by everything we have tried. Yum.
Here is typical flower seller. Everything is sold on bikes. They seem to have this selection of flowers--a variety of roses and golden mums. Of course gold is a popular color here, especially as they prepare for Tet, or the Lunar New Year. I love seeing how virtual stores are carried by bike and baskets slung on a pole.
Two days at Halong Bay coming up, so keep posted for some watery views.


  1. Hi Cynthia, The produce and flowers there are beautiful! And, oh, those lanterns. So glad you're sharing pictures with us, I look forward to more. Have a wonderful adventure!

  2. Thank you Cynthia when I read your posts I feel Im on the trip, and its wonderful.Take care and travel safe.

  3. I'm so glad you are able to post while away! This all looks very enticing--the lanterns, the fruits, the color--what rich sketchbook pages it will all lead to.

  4. Thanks all for following along on the trip! I don't know if I am dong any great sketches, but it has been a wonderful adventure so far.

  5. So many things to draw! Last summer we went to Cabramatta (Sydney suburb also known as Vietnamatta) and bought dragonfruit to draw. You're absorbing so many wonderful images here.

  6. Thanks for sharing your trip to Vietnam with us. Your photos capture the beauty. I can't wait to see your sketchbook and hear all about your experiences.