Saturday, January 9, 2010

I became very excited about sewing again when I saw the shabby journal cover that Paula made in the online class, Remains of the Day with Mary Ann Moss. While mine is not as gorgeous or as detailed as some of the examples, it was fun and inspiring to sit down at the sewing machine and just have a free for all journal session. I just added signatures of Lennox paper, tying them in with silk ribbons.
One could also sew the signatures in, but since I was using heavier weight paper, I decided on a different way to add pages than I normally do. Also it just shakes things up a bit.
This is the finished journal, with sari silk ribbon closure. I don't know if I will keep that, however, as I may want a more streamlined closure since this will be going along with me on my upcoming travels. Stay tuned!
In my last post I mentioned taking a private journal class with Jane LaFazio in the San Diego area. After the class I noticed that I enjoyed working in a simpler fashion, with one item per page. I have come to enjoy a new sketch journal, given to me by a friend, that is the perfect size and weight of paper for me right now. It is made by Pentalic, and called Nature Sketch. It is 7x5 but comes in other sizes. While the paper is not watercolor paper, it is heavy weight cotton paper and holds up well for watercolor.
This is one of the pages that I did while sketching with Jane at the Bernardo Winery. These curly pods were a good subject, but there were so many things we could draw.
I still remember the feeling of sun on our backs as we sat sketching. I wish I was there right now!


  1. Your new journal is gorgeous and will be fun to use on your trip. Bon Voyage!

  2. Beautiful journal, fun to hear you are enjoying filling it.