Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Every day in May

Back in the beginning of May, before things spiraled out of control, I decided that I wanted to follow the idea of doing a flower painting every day in May. I got a good start for the first few days, with some of my favorite May flowers. We have has such a cool Spring, that some things are much later in blooming, but now everything seems to be popping out, including some roses.
The best Spring flower of all, however, is the Lily of the Valley, which is both my and my mom's favorite flower. I am lucky to have friends who generously share large bunches of this fragrant beauty with me.
Any flowers look good in this tiny blue green vase, and it is the perfect size for a diminutive bouquet by my bedside. Pansies are just the sweetest flowers, but not so easy to paint. I keep trying, though.
Take a look outside in your garden (or your neighbor's) and see what is blooming now. Consider joining me in starting now, halfway through the month, to make a painting every day in May.

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