Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Getting back to normal?

I don't need the Mad Hatter to tell me this, however it does describe how I have been feeling of late.I have lost a little of my muchiness. Maybe it is the rain, or maybe the bad patch we have been going through with so much loss, or maybe it is just the natural cycle of life. Whatever the reason, I am looking forward to getting back some of my "muchiness".
Lucky for me, I have a wonderful group of friends who support me and each May I get to go to a lovely retreat with my art friends in PAC called Menucha, which means "still waters". It is here that we fill our wells with friendship and laughter (lots) and art and the beauty of the natural world, and we inspire one another.
Over the years, we have watched the slow evolution of this beautiful stone labyrinth . It is "jewel in the crown" of Menucha and I just wish I were not too impatient to walk it slowly.
In spite of the constant rain the flowers were glorious, especially this rosa rugosa which fairly glowed. If I were to paint that rose, opera rose would be the perfect color.
I am always transported to a much calmer, relaxed state as I drive down the mossy road to Menucha and see the wild Delphinium and orange poppies growing along the side of the road.
A walk through the spacious and well tended grounds reveals even more wild flowers, and plenty of cultivated ones, too. This is something that I look forward to with great anticipation each Spring. As Debi said, "We sure are lucky ducks".

Maybe this is what we need to remember when we are feeling the lack of direction or motivation:

Let Yourself Be Carried

Our souls feel good
when we go with the
flow of the universe.
All we have to do is
make the choice
to ride its currents.


  1. Yes, we are very lucky, indeed! What a nice weekend it was. Hard to get back to normal after all that goodness. Aren't we still supposed to be getting freshly baked bread at each meal?? Oh. No? Bummer.

  2. Cynthia--
    Maybe letting go of "muchiness" and accepting being "Too Much!" would be in order?
    You are too much, you know!

  3. Is that in a good way or a bad way? LOL
    Or maybe you shouldn't answer that.

  4. It's a good way! Silly!

  5. I can totally realate to how you are feeling but I am sure it is the weather. Too much rain and gray days. Anyhoo, so good to see you at Janene's party.