Thursday, June 3, 2010

We had a short "window of opportunity" for dashing over to view the peonies at The Peony Place between raindrops and were able to take a few photos before the rain let loose again. It has not been a good year for peonies--too wet, but we enjoyed seeing them, and sketching very briefly. This one with the frilly center is a favorite.
These bright red ones almost look like tree peonies. They really don't love the rain any more than we do, as it makes their heads droop. In spite of all the rain, though, they were spectacular, as usual, in all their color and variety.
I like to call this "Waiting for Summer". The chairs were set out on the grass at Lonesomville Pottery last weekend, just waiting for some sun. The talented guys who own these lovely gardens also make the pottery and paint the chairs (and large indoor paintings) and open their grounds a couple times a year for their pottery sales. This has to be one of my favorite gardens in Portland and it just keeps getting better over the years.

This is one of their pottery vases, filled with flowers from the garden. Simply elegant, as is everything they do. I feel lucky to have attended their sales over the years to acquire some of their varied designs, which are always evolving.


  1. Beautiful peonies! My head is drooping, too, with all this wet.
    I could find a few spots in my house for the gorgeous pottery, thanks for sharing (I think$$$). Can't wait to see what you find at the Farm Chicks show!

  2. I love that frilly peony too, that green vase is stunning. Your going to farm chicks!? lucky I'd be there if I wasnt in my workshop @ OCAC..
    buy lots of good stuff.

  3. That first peony just beautiful, I'm glad you got out.