Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Close to home but far away

We celebrated our 35th anniversary (!) last week by going to the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton,for an overnight close to home, but it felt a long way from Portland. The garden was in financial trouble a few years ago and was taken over by a savvy businessman who already owned several resorts in California under the Moonstone name. He has created a lovely, tranquil resort, right at the edge of the garden that is a very pleasant place to stay. Not only is it a nice getaway, but it is also a very good value . Our midweek package included dinner and breakfast and admissions to the garden for less than $100.
Lodging is in these cottages, each with several nicely appointed rooms and a private deck attached, where we sat in the sun. When you are tired of that, you can enjoy the pool and hot tub, or tour the gardens until dusk. I mostly enjoyed the quiet, laced with birdsong.
This is a view from the restaurant, looking down the length of the garden. It is a subtle place, full of typical nursery plants, and a variety of interesting gardens within a garden like the children's garden and market garden. It is a pleasant place to while away a couple of hours. Don't miss the oak grove, where we have spotted deer on two separate occasions.
The lily pond is another special place, and it is sack dab in the center of the garden. Lots of yellow lilies, too, and carp. If you want to venture a little further afield, you can drive the short distance into Silverton and stroll the town. Some of my favorite stores are Stone Buddha and The Purl District and Lunaria Gallery.Silver Grill is another good restaurant.And down the road a little further is the very beautiful Silver Falls park, where you can take a short hike to several beautiful falls. Consider Silverton next time you need a getaway from the city.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary, Cynthia! You've got one year up on me. :) The gardens look like a most peaceful place; perfect for a getaway.

  2. Happy Anniversary, Cynthia, and thanks for sharing your photos of the Oregon Garden- sounds like a great place to visit.