Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lucky, lucky me

I feel lucky for so many reasons lately. For one, the rain seems to be over and summer is here , which is good, since it is the middle of July already. Where does the time go? I have the best of intentions for posting here, and think of it constantly, as I appreciate all of you who look at this periodically and make nice comments. I know you won't keep coming back if there is nothing new to look at. I just feel like time is flying by. I decided that I will include some of my art on each posting, even if I have more photos than art. That is my goal, anyway. Summer makes me happy, and it is my favorite season. This is a cheery bouquet of flowers that I purchased at the farmer's market, another one of my favorite summertime things.
This is another reason that I feel lucky. I looked out my window after being away for the weekend and spotted these gorgeous lilies blooming in my garden. My sister gave me the bulbs years ago and they have bloomed a couple of times, but never this spectacularly. I am happy that I got to see them before I went away again.
Another of my favorite summertime flowers, sweet peas. But look at the deep, rich purples in these! And I love the combination of colors. Also at the farmer's market.
I feel extra lucky to be part of a wonderful group of artists and friends, the Portland Art Collective ,and we kicked off summer aboard Rhapsody down at the riverfront dock. Dayna and Howard are gracious hosts, indeed. I am the featured artist on our PAC blog this month, so hop on over to take a look at more of what I have done recently and see some more of our art and fun activities.
This is a collage of mine titled, "Good Fortune" which is one of several for sale this month at the Multnomah County Library store, main branch downtown. I am also the featured artist there this month! I have a variety of pieces for sale, as well as a nice selection of photo cards.. If you have not been there, it is fun to see, as it is chock full of wonderful art that is very affordable.
Now you can see why I feel so lucky. Thanks for visiting.


  1. I feel lucky that you posted this bright and cheery blog today!

  2. Your lily drawing and "Good Fortune" collage are really nice- love the lines. I'll have to visit the Central library this months to see your artwork.

  3. I've been needing a good reason to go to the downtown library! Congratulations!

  4. Cynthia I know how you feel when the sun shines and friends and art are around you just can't beat it. Thanks for the reminder.