Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Best eating NYC

Last time I was in New York I wrote mostly about my favorite haunts for good shopping. This time I was there, we tried some memorable taste treats that are worth mentioning, most notably Lukes, a simple hole in the wall place that makes the best lobster rolls I have ever eaten. If you don't like lobster, you can stop reading right now, but if you do, this is the place to go. I ate some pretty good lobster when I was on the East Coast, and this was by far the best lobster roll, full of the freshest claw meat. My mouth waters as I write this, and if this was my last meal on earth I would be happy. Luke's has two locations, at 242 E 81st Street and 93 E 7th Street in East Village, the happening part of town.
,Speaking of the happening part of town, here's another great spot, tLaboratorio del Gelato also a hole in the wall place on Orchard Street close to Chinatown. However, they are soon to move into a new space around the corner that will be much more spacious, with later hours. Go here for unusual gelato flavors, or just plain good vanilla.
Maybe after you have gelato, you might want to stroll over to Doughnut Plant for some of the best doughnuts around. We saw this on "The best thing I ate" and had to check it out. I recommend the coconut glazed doughnut, filled with more oozy coconut filling.
Or perhaps you might enjoy the peanut butter and jelly doughnut, or the blueberry. This place is hot, hot now, and we even got to see Mr Doughnut Plant himself, as he was being interviewed.
This is all the art that I have on this post, the tiles in the front window of Doughnut Plant. Gotta love a place that even has doughnut tiles! Doughnut Plant is located at 374 Grand between Essex and Norfolk. After we made the pilgrimage to D P I discovered that Joe's coffee also carries DP doughnuts.If it sounds like all we did in NYC was eat, that is pretty close to the truth. But we also did some other cool things, which I will share later.


  1. Oh yum--my 3 favorite food groups! Those lobster rolls look like huge pieces of lobster in a bun, not quite like the lobster salad from Pearl's Oyster Bar. I will definitely be trying them next time!

  2. Yes, these are the best lobster rolls, bar none. And you're right, they are not like any lobster rolls I have had in the past.