Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Farm Chicks in Spokane

Of course I gravitated to this booth that had plants and flowers spilling out of it, tucked into all kinds of sweet containers and planters. I do remember Butter Nut coffee!
Oooh, this was probably my favorite booth, mostly for the memories it evoked of a childhood past, where we really did wear these starchy, scratchy full slips underneath our dresses. That was a wonderful time of my life, and I always felt special with that big slip on, and pretty grown up, too!
I almost couldn't resist this huge ice cream cone sign, but I didn't think Jim would have appreciated trying to bring that home in the Jetta. And what would be the appropriate place in the house for it, once home? Besides, I really don't need that message around all the time, fun as it was.

This was another favorite booth, Hutch Studio. Everything was charming in a quirky way, and they had made things from the simplest materials like cardboard and book pages. I loved these little fabric mushrooms. They got my vote for best booth and sweetest merchandise.


  1. Thanks--it's so fun to get to see all this, without the crowds. I laughed over the Eat-it-All sign, yeah, probably better not to have that around.

  2. I love the shot of the slips. Those delicate colors. Nice. Checkout my two blogs: "Levonne's Pretty Pics" and "A Camp Host Housewife's meanderings" when you have a minute. I'd love your comments.

  3. Nice trip and I agree with You and Robin Eat-it-All sign not a good idea, but fun. Thanks for the visit.