Monday, June 21, 2010

Top Spots Spokane--Summer Solstice?

I have a few more scenes from Spokane that I wanted to share before I move on to another subject. But first, I just want to say, "Is it really the SUMMER SOLSTICE today? Where did June, and early summer, or even late spring weather go? I hope we get some sun soon, or I am off to Arizona!
This is one of my favorite scenes from Spokane. That is Jim, waving from inside the radio flyer, just to give an idea of the scale of that thing. The handle is a slide, which nearly wrecked my knee as I tried to go down, But what a piece of sculpture. It is situated in the very lovely Riverside park, a focal point for the city, complete with antique carousel, churning falls and a little gondola ride that traverses the falls in a short ride. A week after we were in Spokane, Garrison Keillor brought the traveling Prairie Home Companion show there, and professed that it is one of his favorite cities since childhood.
I'm so glad we found this place, Mary Lou's Milk Bottle! We escaped the crowds at Farm Chicks and had a great lunch here. It has been around since the 30's, and is a classic Spokane landmark restaurant. I love finding places like this that still exist in forgotten corners of America.
The mocha milkshake is almost worth driving to Spokane for. It is always thrilling to find a place that still serves up a shake with the metal tin it was made in. The special included a hamburger, shake and a side (including pie!) for $8. Now you may not want to eat this very often but it was truly a find, as was the whole Garland neighborhood, a well preserved piece of history.
Another reason to attend Farm Chicks is to see the caravans owned by Sisters on the Fly that are parked along the peaceful river at Riverside State Park. There was a small, but very cute contingent of these trailers assembled, and each one has a different theme, some of them decked out inside, too. These ladies like to fly fish, and gather together across America at various times of the year. There have been magazine articles and books published about them , too. They are now over 1,400 strong.

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  1. I love Spokane, it looks like you hit the best spots. Did you get to go to that huge antique store with the giant urns?