Thursday, October 29, 2009

I lovecolor

This was a challenge that was set forth by a friend and artist-to create something and post it on a blog. I didn't exactly comply with the challenge, but it did get my juices flowing, and set me to the task of organizing my silk ribbons that I have been creating and buying. I just love the colors together, and in person they are even more luscious. They will be used to make my funky tassels with fibers and beads. I love making these so much that it is hard for me to stop!
One of these days I am going to figure out how to do my blog posts a little better. Maybe if I did it more often I would get better at it, kind of like everything in life. Practice really does make one better at all things. Speaking of color, I couldn't help taking this photo of the most gorgeous beet salad, enjoyed in Vancouver BC at Rain City Grill, one of my favorite restaurants in the city. In fact, it was so good we ate there twice in two days! The red and yellow swaths of color are beet puree. So artistic and delicious.
This looks like Paris, but it is really the artful displays at the Hollywood Farmer's market in Portland. Sort of like the before and after of beets.
I couldn't pass up a photo of this sign on the door of a Victoria coffee shop. It just made me want to go inside and meet those people who welcomed time travelers...


  1. Needless to say, I share your love of color! Beautiful post--right down to the beets.

  2. oh thanks, so does this mean that you will take me under consideration for linking to your gorgeous blog ;)

  3. Yummy colors- all my favorites. How could we live without color? even in beets.

  4. Beautiful colors the stuff that drives an artist.Your ribbons are delicious, I have always wanted to paint ribbons with folds and shadows but never got the courage.