Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The wedding

If you don't like hearing about other people's weddings, stop reading right now. But this happens to be a very special wedding for me, as it was the marriage of our son Matthew and his wife(!) Rita. So, while doing wedding flowers is my business, it is a little different when it is your own child getting married. Rita had the vision, and I just tried to carry it out as best as I could. Pink, red and orange were our colors, can you tell? And lanterns, we had to have lanterns! My niece Isabella who is a florist and wedding planner extraordinaire in Menlo Park came to help, thank goodness. As did my sister and lots of other friends and family.
Dahlias and roses were our flowers of choice, and thankfully the weather and my growers co-operated. We had an abundance of these beautiful flowers, one of my current favorites for Fall weddings. Isabella put together the centerpieces, as I walked around in a daze.
This is the beautiful and elegant Rita, my new daughter in law, and her dog Abby who walked down the aisle with her. Of course they were the star attractions!
Did you like the lanterns the first time? Well, here they are again! My sister strung each one
of these one the light strands. What a trooper.
Here is the wedding structure that I created. We were going for the "Indian wedding" theme. This was the most challenging, yet ultimately, most satisfying component for me.
We had beautiful weather, perhaps the last really warm weekend of the year. Just the kind of weather that I ordered!


  1. Cynthia, those are the prettiest wedding flowers I've ever seen! The colors are just amazing. The bride is stunning, as well! She is so lucky to have you as her MIL.

  2. Stunning array of color and joy. Many congratulations on your son's marriage!