Thursday, October 29, 2009

This is a window that I saw at a great art supply store in Victoria, BC and I love the sentiment. It made me think of the next class I am teaching on glass painting. Yes, we should all unleash our inner artist! As hard as it is to call yourself and artist, what do you have to lose? Believe me, no one will check on your artist's credentials.
I am loving Fall, as I do every year, once I get over missing Summer. These leaves remind me of going to visit my dad in the building where he taught chemistry .Every Fall they would turn the most gorgeous colors of pinks and reds and I would collect handfuls of them. I still can't resist picking up fall leaves.
These knobby, strange pumpkins seem so beautiful to me for their subtle colors, so unlike the big orange globes we associate with Fall. I love them for their imperfections and would like to try to grow them.
At the same farmer's market I saw these big squash, equally beautiful, but was stumped by the elongated variety. Does anyone know what they are called?

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