Friday, April 9, 2010

journaling for life

I have decided to show some recent journal pages since I am planning to teach another session
of journal keeping and journal making classes on Sunday, April 25th at Tabor Space at 6oth and Belmont. There are still some spaces remaining in the class if you are interested in joining us!

I saw a headline about "Days of Small Blessings" and it made me want to do a journal page about that. Really, aren't small blessings all we need to be happy? The big blessings are nice, of course, but it is the small blessings, in the midst of a gray day that really sustain us. Look for small blessings in your life, and you might be surprised how many you notice. Perhaps it is the budding of the dogwood tree after the rain, or a new shoot appearing in your garden. Go outside. Look around.
I can always tell that Spring is in the air because my journal starts to fill up with lots more watercolors of flowers. I am happier in Spring and my journal reflects that change.
This is a handmade journal that I made from a single piece of watercolor paper in an accordian style. I will show some of the pages in a future post soon.
This is the first page of my journal that I started after we
returned from SE Asia. It is always hard for me to get back to my daily journals after I have been away for an extended time, just as it is hard to get back to daily life. So much of my life is reflected in my journals, and that is why they are so valuable to me.
Jim gave me a gift of a small box of scrolls titled "Change your life in 50 days". Each day you are supposed to punch out a tiny scroll and do the thing it mentions, like this one, which says.
"try to figure out what you'll do if everything goes really well". So, what will YOU do


  1. Love your new journal pages and reminder about counting the small blessings in our daily lives.

  2. What a great question! I am always so thankful for the days that go well and pull those memories out to get thru the not-so-good days. Your journals pages are beautiful, Cynthia!