Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some of my favorite NYC things

NYC is the antidote to Cleveland. It is everything that Cleveland is not--vibrant, slightly
wacky, thriving and filled with wonderful things to see and do. Apologies to Cleveland, where there are many good things. Maybe you just have to search a little harder for them.
I followed this couple for a little way, intent on getting their photo. Such a great pair! So let's follow them to some of my favorite NYC spots.
ABC Carpet and Home is probably my all time favorite store in NYC. I could spend hours there.
browsing through all the charming little vignettes like this one. Each area is beautiful and invited shopping, or at least photos and people watching. Jim observed one young French girl (maybe 5 or 6yrs) nix a scarf that her father held up for her approval with a simple "Non". I have never actually bought anything there, as things are expensive by my standards, but it is a great "artist's date".
Another must see is M&J Trims, a huge store chock full of every kind of trim imaginable! I always wish that I had some project in mind where I needed just the perfect trim, as I know I would find it here.

This is not a favorite store, but I couldn't resist this photo of a sleeping cat in the window of Scott's flowers. Wouldn't that make for an interesting table decor for your wedding or special event. Wonder if they rent him out?


  1. I've heard about ABC carpets, what a treat. I expected to see a photo with you and Martha? Oh well next time.

  2. Ohhhh, I love New York. Thank you for sharing snippets of your trip (and for sharing photos).