Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More favorite things NYC

I realized that I couldn't leave out a few more favorite things in NYC, like Magnolia Bakery cupcakes. From a humble beginning, Magnolia Bakery has mushroomed into a big business, with this high rent location near Rockafeller Plaza and Radio City Music Hall. I sampled the red velvet cupcake, especially for my niece Izzy, who counts them as her favorites. It seemed that so many popular places, like Magnolia Bakery and Dean and DeLuca had grown like crazy since the last time we were here, multiplying like the mushrooms after the rain...

Surprisingly, I had never been to the wholesale flower district of NYC, but stumbled upon it on my way someplace else. It was a marvelous area to discover, especially for me, a florist! Things seemed to be displayed in a beautiful manner, and different than on the West Coast.
I will definitely be back here next time.
I couldn't leave out another favorite, Tinsel Trading, even though it has lost a bit of it's luster after their move and consolidation from two locations to one. It is still a wonderful place, filled with lots of treasures to discover. Imagine this wall of blue trims, times all the colors of the rainbow, plus gold and silver! I was a bit shy about taking too many photos, though. I wonder what they would say about photos if I told them I was a blogger...

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  1. Ohh, I love seeing so many of my favorite spots! I haven't been to the flower district either--good reason for another trip.