Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Burning Man Redux

Well, for my two adoring fans of Burning Man (ha ha), here are some more images of my favorite things. The Temple was the heart and soul of Burning Man, waaay out on the playa. They provided houndreds of wooden hearts for people to write messages on, but of course everyone wanted to climb around and write on the structure itself, causing some consternation for the builders. Actually a direct quote from one woman involved was that "they were ripping her heart out of her chest" by doing this...Jim and I each wrote a little message to our moms and we spent some time reading other messages until we were so verclempt that we had to leave. It was a touching a spiritual place and one of the most beautiful structures at BM.
This is the long view, and it is hard to see from this that there are many rooms inside of the structure as well.
Here is the Temple at night, lit from within. It was even better at night, and we happened upon a wedding taking place there one evening. I'm sure there were many wedding there. I told Jim, "Where else can you have a wedding with guys wearing big foam hats, and a naked guy looking on?"We were all invited to the champagne reception afterward, but we had places to go...

Namely, The Portal, the beautiful structure that our son Jacob helped to build. It was scheduled to be burned at around 10pm, but unfortunately, the wind came up, bringing with it clouds of dust, then a whiteout dust storm that never let up for 2 hours. We finally gave up and rode our bikes home through the whiteout, only finding our way by riding toward The Man, one of the few structures that was visible. They burned the Portal at midnight when the wind died down.The performance went on more or less as planned the next day, but I missed that, too. This was the reason that we came to BM in the first place, so needless to say I was a little disappointed.
Another fabulous bus that changed colors as it drove across the desert.
This butterfly car was great during the day, but spectacular at night. I was riding furiously behind it trying to get this photo.
This is one of the many 'ships of the desert' that were basically rolling parties.
Another fab art car/rolling party car. This one had lights and lasers that projected onto the desert.As I said before, Burning Man cannot be captured in photos, but I made a stab at it.


  1. One huge visual feast!! An experience of a lifetime, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing your photos, Cynthia.

  2. I want to go see this but I think it would be like saying I want to go a little crazy. Love your photos and storys.

  3. Thanks--this may be my favorite set of photos yet.

  4. I thought of you guys the whole time I was there, thinking how much you would enjoy seeing the art installations that are beyond description.

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading and sure enjoyed all of your photos and stories about Burning Man. It's fun to hear all about your varied road trips.