Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dispatch from Burning Man

We are off to Burning Man in the heart of the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.And this is our rented chariot that will take us there. Very deluxe! Crazy, you say? Yes, but this was finally the year for us to see what this place is all about. Our son Jacob has been there several times, and he was part of a crew working on one of the funded art installations, as well as a performer. If we were ever to go, this seemed like the time.
The drive from Portland was beautiful all the way, and as we approached the BR desert, this is the view that greeted us. Beautiful, and stark. Not unlike the surface of the moon. And that notion was going to become more of a reality, the closer we came to the desert.
Since we came later in the week, this was the rather sparse amount of traffic that we encountered as we approached, but we could imagine it earlier in the week when thousands of cars and motorhomes were arriving at the same time.
Jim quickly made the transformation from khakis and a linen shirt to his more informal desert attire. The hat is mandatory in the sun. He got a few comments on his shirt, which was fine for bar hopping in the desert. This was a gift from my sister.
This was the first personal art car that we encountered, and it remained one of my favorites. Lucky for us it was parked nearby. I will show you a few more of my art car photos, too. Stay posted!


  1. Wow the creative energy is amazing, it would be fun to go with a group and do a project, looks amazing, thanks for sharing

  2. Milktropolis! From what I hear, they had made almost a hundred custom pillows in the shape of cereal to go in the bowl in the front. I missed it this year, but hope to find it next year.

    As you said, you could spend the entire week taking photos of the costumes, cars, art and buildings and still not get it all.

  3. You heard right - and the majority of those pillows actually made it home from the playa! We don't plan to take her back to burning man, but hope the new owners will. We've decided to sell our baby. Please pass it on. Glad you enjoyed her!