Friday, September 10, 2010

More tales from Burning Man

Well, I know you aren't particularly interested in the boring things we did or wore at burning man, so I wanted to show some of the more interesting attire. As Jim said, "I feel like I am in the middle of a Star Wars movie" . There is no way to convey the creative wackiness of Burning Man, hereafter referred to as BM, through photos or video, even. This was a favorite couple of mine, seen on the first day. These fake fur leggings were very popular, as were fish net stockings. This Aussie had a very hot girlfriend, dressed similarly, with rhinestones around her nipples. Hard to not stare...
Here's another hot playa babe. Oh, to have this skin tone, which was way more suited to the desert environment than my fair skin, prone to sunburn. Bikes were the main mode of transport, perfect for riding to and from the playa, and out to see all the art installations
This was a favorite art car of the smaller version. It was beautifully built and reminded me of the old style airplanes made from a thin metal sheath, bolted together. Note the rows of porta potties in the background. Plenty of those, too.
Here is another favorite personal art car. I tried to make a list of all the different ones we saw, including a chinese takeout box, shopping cart, various bugs, several fish, a Flintstone's car, a rat, a Groucho Marx type face and a fire breathing dragon. I'm sure there were many more that we did not see.
The larger art cars like this one were also pretty amazing, and basically they were a party on wheels. Most of them had their own sound systems of some sort, and usually had cute girls dancing inside! Some of theme were like ships of the desert-literally!
This is what started it all, The Man, who stood out as a beacon in the desert, and was lit up at night. He was the focal point of Burning Man and on Saturday night they prepared to burn him. Our son said that once he is burned, chaos reigns, as people are no longer able to easily get their bearings.We decided to try to beat the rush to leave, so as not to get stuck in hideous traffic. We were surprised to find that we were still stuck in a line, but it turned out that there was a los t child, and all gates are immediately closed until the child is found. It tool about 45 minutes, but that gave us time to get out of our RV and gaze at the beautiful, huge night sky. We miss seeing all those stars.
This was a beautiful little piece, very simple but powerful. We were constantly amazed by the creative ingenuity that people poured into their art, whether it be a car or an art installation. One could not help but be inspired by it all.
I call this fellow "Mr Love". I didn't see what he was giving away, but the front of his cart said "LOVE". The great thing about BM is that nothing other than hot and cold drinks could be sold, so there was a great spirit of generosity there. Camps would decide to give away free burritos one day (and judging from the line, some of those people forgot to bring their own food!) or many many camps set up bars with free drinks. We brought fans, thanks to the suggestion of my friend Gloria, and they were always well received, and something was given to us in return. Cool stickers were very popular, and I also received a stick on tatoo, a small flashlight and a fan.
Some people really went all out on their costumes! I had to resist the urge to take photos at every turn, so as not to look like a "tourist" (which I was, obviously). I could have easily taken hundreds of photos, just of people's creative costuming.
This is "the bone tree" all made from animal skulls and bones. It was very beautiful. Where do people store all this stuff between trips to Burning Man?! I have more photos. If you are interested in seeing a few more, leave a comment. Thanks for visiting Burning Man with me!


  1. oh yeah--keep those photos coming! Amazing stuff!

  2. Cynthia I love it! all of it! yes more please!Tory