Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bali beaches

My niece in France asked me to send her a picture from someplace beautiful. Well, that could be just about any place we have been on this trip, but some places are more beautiful than others. Jim decided that we should take a boat ride from Legian/Kuta area, where we spent a few days at the beach. So we "splashed out" and went for the overnight to Lembongan Island, just a short 30 minutes by fast boat from Bali. We even stayed overnight at the Coconut Villas and this is the view from our window/wall. We made one mistake, and that was cheaping out and not getting the air conditioned hut, and even with a fan this room was hot! But who can beat that view? It was tempting to sit and look out the window all afternoon.
Finally we decided to make the trek down the many stairs to the restaurant, and got there just in time for "movie night", which was Avatar! We spent one of the most bizarre evenings of the trip watching this blockbuster movie that we had not yet seen, with a background of whirring blenders (making tropical drinks), roosters crowing and then bells and chanting from the temple in the village below. But now we can say we saw Avatar. Do you think it was a pirated copy?
I had to take my camera out into the pool with me to get this shot of "the mermaid". This was a wonderful infinity pool, and we seriously considered scrapping the rest of the trip plans to stay here. But we reluctantly left the next morning on a sailboat.
This is the chicken coop. Not much room for these guys to roam around, but the baskets do a very good job of containing the birds in a small space.

Back on Bali we stayed one night in Sanur, and finally found a low key beach destination that was about our speed. The Bali Hyatt is along that beach and is a beautiful old style resort. We enjoyed using their beach chairs for a short spell, as we gazed out to sea.
I know, this is not making anyone feel sympathy for our plight. But just remember, it is VERY hot here, if that makes you feel any better.

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  1. What a wealth of info this time. At a cafe down beside the Hyatt on the beach you can get wonderful fresh tomato juice. I guess you're long gone from there now. I haven't been to Nusa Lembongan, but your photos make it look wonderful. Wish I was there too.