Friday, February 12, 2010


I have always been a big fan of these Balinese umbrellas, but never knew their real name of umble umble. I would love to take some of these home to put in my garden alters, but once again, they will not fit. I like seeing them along the roadsides and especially in temples. Many colors, but mostly golden yellow. I am feeling a little frantic as I do blog posts now, since the last one I did disappeared when the signal was lost. I also try to do them when I don't take away from the time Jim and I are spending together, as I have always scorned couples who I see traveling together and they are both on cell phones or laptops!
This mossy dog was spotted in the monkey forest in Ubud and I had to take his photo for my lovely daughter in law,Rita, as she loves all animals, but especially dogs (and squirrels).
And yes, we saw lots of monkeys in the monkey forest. This guy was my favorite, as he was looking for something good in this offering. He actually picked up some hydrangea and smelled them. Sweet. Maybe a few grains of rice, or a cracker was what he was after. The monkeys were everywhere, as Jim said, "junked up on bananas". They were fun to watch as long as they didn't get too close.
The Balinese are great lovers of beauty, and I appreciate how they decorate their statues with
sarongs and a hibiscus behind their ear. The hotel we are staying at in Ubud, Ubud Inn, has beautiful gardens where the hibiscus are collected fresh each morning and place around all the statues. I could spend weeks here sketching the gardens!
I am especially drawn to these flower mandalas that you see around hotels and shops in pools of water. I think I will try to create some at home. My son has a friend in Portland who goes dumpster diving at the florist and creates these beautiful flower paintings. I said I want to go with him some night.


  1. You can't carry on a umbrella? Darn. Those flower mandela's so fasinating, it never occered to me to display them like that.I got my 1st boguet of Allium from a pdx dumpster!

  2. I bought an umbrella here in Sydney! Plenty to bring home though. Even the smallest stone statues are very heavy in cabin baggage. Hope you are eating nice things and relaxing as well.

  3. I can't wait to see your sketchbook! The flower mandela radiates beauty and life- love it. Enjoy the New Year celebrations and your last few days in paradise.

  4. You must be in heaven with all those gardens and flowers. I'm eager to have you back here in Portland, but will miss your travel blog!

  5. thank you all for following along! I have enjoyed this journey tremendously and it has been fun having you travel vicariously with me.