Monday, February 15, 2010

A little more Bali

Well, I didn't want to leave you in Vietnam because there are lots more things I would like to share about Bali in our last couple of days here. A week ago I was nearly ready to leave Bali, and now I hate to leave. I think the former feeling was more travel fatigue and the heat, but once you learn to relax and move at a slower pace, everything is more enjoyable. We haven t seen as much of Bali as we imagined we might, but that is mostly because we are happier to stroll around town than to spend 5 hours in a car getting to another part of the island.
I took a few more fabric photos, though one just vanished. There is so much variety here that it is astounding, and you fabric fiends would be in heaven.
Bats, anyone? This guy hangs around the hotel every morning, and the first time i saw him I was quite startled. I am not normally a big fan of bats, but was introduced to these large (the size of a small cat) fruit bats by my friend Wendy,when we met to sketch in Sydney. They were all hanging in clusters in the trees in the botanical garden there and it was quite a sight!
The hotel bat is a "rescue" bat that was found injured about 4 months ago and they took him in. Now he is fat and happy and may never want to leave again. I have grown rather fond of him.
This is another friend from the hotel, however he is an inanimate object. He also greets us as we enter our grounds. As I said, they have an abundance of red hibiscus, and every morning place them all about. We find them on our pillows, by the sink and over our front door. But I really like seeing them on the statues.
How did you spend Valentine's Day? We spent it riding around Ubud on a rented motorbike, seeing the sights and going a little way out of town to see the rice paddies. I had an excellent driver, who has motorcycle riding experience, thank goodness! I worry less about him than the other drivers on the road, who weave in an out of traffic. Jim said that his firefighter drivers training taught him that the best defensive driving technique was to Slooow down.
I was a little nervous out on the open road, but we made it back in one piece.


  1. Oh, I love that bat! I've seen fruit bats before but never one that big, and never outside an enclosure.
    Bet you won't forget this Valentine's Day. Mine was much more ordinary; family for dinner.

  2. OK now I know I need to go there. I even like the damn bat! And we won't even talk about the fabric!! Thanks for posting all these photos--it's been so fun to follow along!

  3. Cynthia,
    Love the fruit bat! I've become quite enamored with them at Portland's zoo but it is way cooler to see the guy hanging out at your hotel! I've been up to my ears in Haiti related things and haven't kept up with your blog but I have a date with it tonight to catch up! I'm really excited for my Cynthia blog-date!

  4. The sweet bat looke like my chihuahua with wings. Pet him for for me! Your one brave women on a motorcyclye.