Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ubud Market

I liked getting up very early to go to the market, as that was when the interesting action took place. My main interest was in seeing the various sellers of offering components, like this woman. These rounds are actually small square boxes made of coco fiber. Imagine having to make offerings three times a day, at several locations. You would go through a lot of these in one day
These are larger painted boxes for carrying offerings to the temple. It is so tempting to buy
several of them, but they are bulky and where to put it at home? We'll see if I give in to temptation, but I am running out of room for anything more.

TThis is just a minute sampling of the fabrics that you see hanging in almost all of the shops in Ubud and elsewhere. Hard to resist, huh? Some are cotton, some are actual batik, which is more expensive, and some are fine silk.Of course the quality varies considerably, but it is fun to buy one of the sarongs(or three) when you stop at a temple. It is oh, so hard to not buy a suitcase full!
SSee, there really is a use for those sarongs! Yes, this is Jim just back up a steep hill that he climbed down to visit a temple. It is a requirement for both men and women to wear a sarong while visiting temples or religious ceremonies. He kind of got into it after a while. But I don't think he'll be wearing it back home in Portland.
TThis is a holy spring that we visited, but did not bathe in ourselves. This photo is not too clear, but it gives you an idea of the volume of offerings that are left to be cleaned up three times a day. People come here to pray for certain things, and it is a very auspicious place.

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  1. Glad you are making the most of it. There is a lot to see, isn't there. I'm glad the weather seems to be fine - we've had a lot of rain & on the tv it looked as if the rain covered Indonesia. I had forgotten about Ubud 'broadband' - dire, isn't it.