Sunday, July 19, 2009

Along the Canal St Martin there are a number of great shops, as this has become a cool part of Paris. Antoine and Lilie has shops all through Paris, and on the canal there is a string of three shops-women's clothing, children's clothing and toys, and a housewares. Each is brightly painted, and of course I couldn't resist taking a photo of this little elf costume. Would a French boy be thrilled to wear this outfit for Halloween? This has become very big in France in recent years. WishI had one of these for the now departed fairy fest.
One of the displays in the housewares section of Antoine and Lilie.
Back to Giverny, and the lily pond. I love the clouds reflected in the water. The last time we were there, there was a man in a motorboat cutting the reeds the whole time, and it was less than relaxing. And it was raining. I asked my son if it was all he hoped it would be and he said "yes,but I didn't think it would be raining!" On the bus back to Vernon, I sat next to a pleasant Korean woman. I said that this time the weather was very nice, and she replied, "Yes, it is very shiny!" I loved that idea, and it seems as descriptive as sunny.
Just a peek at Monet's house through the trees. I did not sketch there, as we were getting hungry, and they did not allow le pique-nique on the grounds, so we took our provisions, cleverly provided by Jim, outside the grounds where we spent a pleasant hour watching the vivid butterflies a lighting on the butterfly bushes. Then we strolled up the road for a beer and cider before going to the American museum where they had air conditioning (a rarity!) and a great exhibit on Monet. We especially enjoyed the airconditioning on a very hot day. The exhibit was an additional treat.

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  1. Hi Cynthia~I'm fascinated by those little round pillows(?)in the window display. The colors are fabulous. Sure I could do some damage in that shop. Thanks for the photos. All lovely.