Sunday, July 26, 2009


Since my days here are drawing to a close, this will probably be my last posting from Paris, unless I am feeling particularly ambitious, or hungry for a treat from McDonalds.
Yesterday I spent the day doing research for all of you. I was determined to hunt down and sample, all in the name of research, mind you, a variety of macarons. I especially wanted to find Pierre Herme, in the heart of St. Germaine, not one of my favorite parts of Paris .I did finally find it, after walking around in circles, however they were out of his signature dessert, the Isphan. It is two pink meringue discs with a filling of rose flavored creme, raspberries and lichis. It is as tasty as it is beautiful, as I can attest since I tried the version at Laduree earlier onthe trip. Actaully, I was amused to note that yesterday was the last day they were open before vacation. Imagine my dissapointment if they had just closed!
I tried the jasmine, casis and passionfruit chocolate varieties. By the time I got home and took photos of the various macarons, I didn't even want to eat them.
I vowed to never spend so much time in search of a famous bakery!
The little straberry tarte was so appealing, as each of those strawberries is the size of the end of my finger and oh, so sweet. I watched in the food hall of the Bon Marche as a clerk hand picked a basket of these strawberries for a client. Only in France!

More delicious looking confections, but I only gazed through the window at these.

That's it for now for the confections. Are your mouths watering? Just come to Paris for a taste!

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