Friday, July 24, 2009

I couldn't resist taking a photo of this china, all of various scenes from Paris at Chez Georges. No, I did not eat here, as I briefly checked the menu and it was a little beyond my budget! I was on my way to the Bois de Bologne anyway, so I had places to be,thngs to see...
I had been planning to visit Astier de Villaite (sp?) for the whole trip, and I finally found it on Rue St Honore. It was a little jewel box of a shop, as long as you love white. It was fun to watch a Japanese woman very carefully choosing several white tea cups in a variety of patterns and sizes. I could shop vicariously through her.

The highlight of my day was visiting this wonderful exhibit of Madeliene Vionette's exquisite clothing at the decorative arts museum that is part of the Louvre. I wasn't familiar with her work, as she was designing in the early 1920's,30's and beyond. She is referred to as the "queen of the bias cut".Her creations are timeless and here is a peek at one of her dresses, before I was told "no photos". Ooops! I was temepted to purchase the book of her designs at the great shop, but it weighs about 5 lbs and even I draw the line at that.

Outside the museum I got my best shot of the giant ferris wheel that is a staple of the Parisian skyline. Jim and I took a ride for some great views of Paris. They have moved it, temporarily I hope, from Concorde to the Tuilleries, along with a lot of other carnival type concessions. One time I was here, I rode it twice in one day--once during the day, and later at night. I recommend it!

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