Friday, July 24, 2009


I had wanted to get to the Parc Bagatelle since coming to Paris, and yesteray I finally made it! It took 4 bus transfers and a bit of a walk, but it was worth it. If you come toParis and want to to here, ask me how to get there. Or take a taxi.
I had a lovely lunch on the terrace, and this unusual peacock was my dining companion. They were everywhere on the grounds.This is a Chinese style folly tucked into the woods. I was keeping my eyes peeled for peacock feathers, as I saw others finding them, but I only found some small ones. Did you know how many different kinds of feathers peacocks have? I spent a long time watching one peacock as he strolled up to the pond for a drink.

Wouldn't you love to live here? I'm sure someone does. Maybe the head gardener?

I would love to see this rose garden at the height of the blooms. I liked seeing the cone shaped topiary. One of the prettiest roses was from Oregon's Jackson and Perkins. I would have written more, but since I accidentally erased the previous post, I need to get out and see more of Paris. Just a few days left before I pack my bags!

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