Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunday turned out to be a day filled with unusual happenengs, and in case you were wondering what happened when I locked my keys in the door of my apartment, I will tell my little story...
But first, isn't this a wonderful little shrine? It is one of many pieces by my new favorite French artist, Maissa Toulet. Check out her wonderful website at www.maissatoulet.fr for more of her work. I found her, and other nice folks at a little neighborhood brocante after I realized that I was locked out, and I might as well not panic and cold still have a good day. A brocante is like a flea market, and this one had good prices and very nice vendors. I liked Maissa's work so much that I got ove my initial shyness and spoke to her in english, then ended up pouring out my whole sad story to her... She was very gracious and told me that if things didn't work out, I could always stay with her. I was so grateful for that offer, that it bouyed me through the day and I kept her card in my wallet like a talisman.
Here are the things I purchased there...and best of all, a warm shawl to protect me from the chill of July in Paris, for one euro! I felt like I had a great time shopping and interacting with the young vendors, and I only spent about 10 euros. Can you see the postcard? It is a vintage photo of an early, very early, Tour de France.
More of Maissa's interesting art. She told me that the French don't appreciate her style of art as much as American's do. In fact, she recently sold a piece of her work to someone in Oregon (not me). Maybe we need to get her an American showing.
This was the very inviting petite dejuner offered at the brocante. I really wanted to try the homemade jams, but I had already stopped along the canal for a cafe creme and croissant to calm my jangled nerves.
How odd this was to come across! Spelled out in centimes pressed into the sidewalk, I saw this
sign, which means, "the key". After that I called my landlord, who said that she would send someone over to the apartment to try to help me get it. When he arrived, he couldn't get his key to open the door, as I had left the keys in the lock. He returned with a ladder, which was a bit too short to reach the second story. What to do?? I sent him away, and finally determined that with a little help, I could inch across the ledge and climb into my window. I enlisted the help of my neighbor (to hold onto my legs!!) et voila, I was inside! We were both relieved, and I was happy to have solved my probelm. Travel can be like that sometimes, and it is important to keep a cool composure.

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  1. You did it! You'll never forget the day you lost your keys and climbed into your Parisian apartment. I know it wasn't funny at the time but your story made me chuckle. Merci!