Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ok,I feel semi successful getting anything published here at MCDonald's Paris, even if the image is sideways and not the one I wanted...Patience, I say. Neither of my technical advisors, Pia or Paula are here to help fix things. Too bad.
This is a sideways view of th elarge manifestation, or protest about the plan crash in the Comoros islands. This was someplace I had never heard of before now.
I spent last Sunday at Parc Floral, and was surprised at the large numers of people waiting in line, all with their picnics in various bags, baskets and coolers. The French do love le picque nique! There were hundreds of people, spread all through the park on blankets eating the most delicious looking feasts. I could imagine the same scene from Impressionist paintings, and theonly thing that had changed was the clothing.
These magnificent waterlilies were in full bloom.

There were many of these big nests spead across the grass. They were human size, about 5 feeet across or for very large birds! I do love a good nest!

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  1. Yeah, news from Paris on your blog. You did it! Thanks for sharing. You missed a great PAC picque nique yesterday and we missed you.
    Å bientôt